From our Principal

Welcome to Taumarunui Primary School. We want to make your association with our school a happy and successful one. The Board of Trustees and Staff of the school work hard to develop and maintain the facilities and school grounds for your children to use.

As Principal, I will continue to expect high standards of pupil achievement through planned programmes. We value and develop honesty, reliability, respect for others and the law, tolerance, fairness and caring in our school. This is achieved through a sound partnership between parents, pupils and a professional teaching staff.

Your child's teacher is your first contact, then a senior staff member, then the Principal, if you need further information. We are here to help your child succeed.

Parents and caregivers, you are the key people for your children. Teachers and other adults are an important part of your child's education. We ask you to be a part of your child's education at school by coming along to school functions and supporting your child by your presence when possible.