History of our school has been difficult to ascertain due to school records being destroyed by fire many years ago. However, due to previous research it has been discovered that Taumarunui Primary School owes its existence to the great efforts of a Mr Ngatai of Mamaku. He petitioned the Prime Minister in 1885 for the establishment of a school at Taumarunui.

When Taumarunui was first established as a township way back in the late 1800's, the chosen area was cut into sections and divided up amongst and remained the property of the local Maori. The local Chiefs met together and Chief Taitua donated 5 acres from his portion of allocated land, to the Government on the understanding that they built a school to educate the Maori children. Only 3 acres was used originally to build the school.

As a result a building containing one classroom and a four room residence was built in 1901. The land was vested in the Crown by an order of the Native Land Court sitting in Otorohonga and was awarded to the Crown on 3rd April 1901. The school was then known as the Hauaroa Native School.

The school was taken over by the Auckland Education Board in 1909 and became known as Taumarunui Primary School.

Chief Taitua died in 1902 and is buried on the Taumarunui Primary School grounds.

Chief Taitua in Taumarunui - 1885