Parent/Whanau Information


  • Students take responsibility for their own learning and know their next steps.
  • Risk taking, creativity and problem solving.
  • Inclusive and equitable.
  • Students are focused and engaged.
  • Students are present.
  • Whanau partnership.
  • Individual learning priorities are recognised.
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual well-being are considered for greater learning opportunities.
  • Participation is actively encouraged.


  • We use learning intentions, success criteria and feed forward.
  • Links made to real life learning.
  • Supportive activities used to support learning.
  • Develop thinking strategies.
  • Well organised.
  • Focus on student achievement.
  • Cooperative group interaction is encouraged.
  • Use of scaffolding to help students to learn and to find appropriate resources.
  • Whole school planning assessment and integration.